How to Care For Your Down Comforter

So, a delivery person just left your brand new down comforter at your front door and you are anxious to spread it out on your bed right away. Although your eagerness is understandable, it is advisable to take a quick pause to peruse the directions for proper care that came with it to maximize your comfort and long-term value.

With relatively simple routine care, you can greatly extend the useful lifespan of your new comforter and even reduce the frequency of cleanings. A primary means of accomplishing this is merely keeping a duvets spread on top of the comforter at all times. Duvets covers create the same effect as pillowcases do. They protect the underlying comforter surface from dust and dirt.

Upon first unpacking your down comforter, it is essential to activate the down before proceeding any further. This is an easy task that is done by simply shaking the entire comforter briskly for several minutes. Besides bringing out the down loft, it makes it fluff up. Complete lofting typically occurs within 24 hours of initial down activation. Your natural body heat will keep it lofted as time passes. Body heat also facilitates increased down lofting that eventually results in self fluffing over time that give you greater comfort as time passes.

Whenever the comforter needs cleaning and you do not want to pay the cost of professional dry cleaning, you should be aware of several issues about regular machine washing. The first matter is to make sure that you won't be rushed or in a hurry before you start. Put the comforter by itself inside the machine and add bleach if it is white. Add as little detergent as possible and use the "delicate" wash setting. After the full wash cycle is finished, run a second rinse to make certain that no residual soap remains to soak into the comforter. Upon removal from the machine, your comforter will probably have a greyish color and be very flat. This is normal, however.

Do not hang your comforter on a clothesline to dry out. This results in uneven drying. Use a dryer instead but make sure to put it on the very lowest temperature setting to prevent shrinkage. It is also extremely vital to check the comforter often as it dries and actually take it out to shake it several times to ensure even drying. If you use dryer balls or even clean tennis balls, place them inside the dryer along with the comforter to promote even drying of inner down. It is also a very good idea to whisk away any excess water you find by hand. Prior to using your comforter the first time after any washing, it is very important to double check that it is totally dry all the way through. If you do not do this, your down comforter is very likely to become infiltrated with mildew, fungus, and mold. Such unwanted microscopic "guests" are quite impolite and leave souvenirs behind that effectively ruin your expensive natural covering!


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