Keep Warm This Winter With an Electric Blanket

The use of an electric blanket or throw on a cold midwinter night offers an excellent way to keep warm and comfortable while also conserving energy at home. Electric blankets offer several benefits, including a temperature controller that automatically adjusts the heat the comfort level you set. In addition, many of these blankets offer an automatic shut off that turns the blanket off after ten hours. The controllers often provide a variable temperature comfort level setting. Some of the king sized units offer dual controllers that allow each person to set the temperature to his or her liking. The blankets are machine washable and resist shrinking, even after repeated washings. Since these blankets require much less energy than a central or space heater, they offer an excellent way to decrease one's energy bill.

Many people enjoy electric throws. These versatile blankets can be used either in or out of one's bed, making them great for traveling. They are an affordable way to conserve energy. Many people are purchasing these throws as gifts help loved ones enjoy the individual comfort they can provide. The are perfect on a cold night when you want to enjoy a favorite movie from the comfort of your own easy chair.

A wearable electric blanket offers even more convenience. It has sleeves that allows the user to stay warm with the freedom of movement needed to read a book or work on a computer. It is worn like a bathrobe and feature s split side. The 74 inches of length that covers ones body, feet and arms. Wearable electric blankets shut off automatically after an hour.

Consumers may also be interested in the low voltage models that are available. Using less than 25 volts, these blankets are a safer way to conserve heat. The produce a more even heat across their surface and eliminate hot and cold pockets. Their controller also shuts off after ten hours, and they have an implanted microchip to locate areas of overheating to decrease temperatures automatically. In addition to the greater safety and comfort, wires in these units are practically unnoticeable underneath the soft cover. They also use less energy with both queen and king models available with dual controllers that allow each user to choose his or her own comfort level.

Many people prefer the comfort of electric mattress pads to optimize their comfort. These pads can produce such consistent warmth that their temperature fluctuates less than half a degree across the entire surface during an eight hour night. The consistent temperature offers additional comfort with this consistent temperature. Users of the electric mattress pad find it has a soft cushion and heating elements that are virtually unnoticeable. The pad is also designed to stand up to repeated washings without shrinking or unraveling. The product is available with dual controllers in both king and queen sizes allowing the temperature on each side of the bed to be set to the that preferred by the person using that side of the sleeping arrangements. Like other electric bedding, the unit will automatically shut off after ten hours of use.

No matter what type of electric blanket you choose, you will find it to enhance your comfort while sleeping. There are several features one should consider when shopping for electric blankets, including safety, temperature controllers, warranties, size, color, number of controllers, durability during washing or drying, and fabric type. However, when you make your choice you are in for some great and comfortable sleeping with these devices. In addition, they allow you to turn down the thermostat to conserve heat and save on fuel costs.


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